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Welcome to
     Celebrity Message Boards .com

The general celebrity message board system is being improved.

There are close to 500 members here but almost no activity. That's because I haven't had time to post here myself, and the board layout needs improvement. I'm working on the improvement now and will be actively participating once I'm done. You will see improvements little by little for the next couple weeks.

This system does require membership to post messages, but not to read them. When you sign up, the username you sign up with is the name that will be shown on messages you post.

Create your account with the username of your choice here.

Go to the main message board here.
(dedicated message boards below)

If you have signed up and don't remember your username or password, email a request for your username or password to The request must come from the email address you signed up with. An automated password reminder system will be set up after current improvements are done.

About the message board system (if you're curious)

This message board system is a part of my celebrity site system. Each of my celebrity sites and message boards work together interactively.

Message boards - General celebrity message board - Kim Richards - Kyle Richards - Kathy Richards - Sarah Rush - Tara Lipinski - Meredith Henderson

Websites - main celebrity site - Richards family website - Sarah Rush official website - Tara Lipinski website - Meredith Henderson website

In the near future each of the message boards will be moved here so one account will be good for every board.


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